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Collection: Pigeon Organics Baby Clothing

Welcome to Pigeon Organics - In our ever-changing world, Pigeon Organics hold dear to fundamental values. They adore designing beautiful collections for little ones while caring deeply about the origin of their cotton, the makers of their clothes, and the people who wear them. They aim to make a difference wherever they can.

To lend a helping hand, they send spare stock to refuges supporting vulnerable women and children in Oxfordshire. They also contribute to refugee support, sending stock to camps in Greece under the guidance of the charity Everyday Refugees.

Understanding the challenges of parenthood, they support Baby Banks in Exeter, Birmingham, and Bristol with donations of spare stock. Their 100% organic cotton and fair labour practices ensure their clothes are ethically made.

Partnering with small independent retailers like us, they strive to support vibrant high streets and care for the environment with renewable energy and compostable packaging. Together, they cherish their values and make a positive impact in their small Oxford base.

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